A starred review from Booklist for THE LONG AND FARAWAY GONE: "A genuinely memorable novel." And a starred review from Kirkus: "A mystery with a deep, wounded heart."

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WHIPLASH RIVER was nominated for a 2013 Edgar Award and a 2013 Anthony Award, both in the category of Best Paperback Original.
In August of 1986, six employees of a movie theater in Oklahoma City were brutally murdered during an armed robbery. A month later, a teenage girl vanished from the Oklahoma State Fair. Neither crime was ever solved.

A quarter of century later, the tragedies continue to echo through the lives of two survivors. Wyatt, a private investigator in Las Vegas, takes a case that unexpectedly brings him back to a hometown, and a past, he's tried to escape – and drags him deeper into the mystery of the robbery that left all his friends dead.

Like Wyatt, Julianna struggles with the past – with the day her beautiful older sister disappeared without a trace. When Julianna discovers that one of the original suspects has re-surfaced, she'll stop at nothing to find answers.

William Morrow/HarperCollins (2015)
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Charles "Shake" Bouchon, former professional wheel man, has left behind his old life and now owns a restaurant in Belize. But that's no picnic, and Shake is in debt to Baby Jesus, a cherubically murderous drug lord. When Shake thwarts an attempted hit on a customer at his place, he learns once again that no good deed ever goes unpunished.
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Charles "Shake" Bouchon agrees to do one last job for his former boss, pakhan of the Armenian mob in L.A. But the package he's supposed to deliver turns out to be a wholesome young housewife who's run afoul of Dick "The Whale" Moby, a ruthless 300-pound strip club owner. Shake decides to set Gina free and now the two of them are on the run to Panama.
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